ECHO Fuzja ECHO Fuzja ECHO Fuzja
ECHO Fuzja ECHO Fuzja ECHO Fuzja
ECHO Fuzja
ECHO Fuzja


A place that attracts with its unique atmosphere


Fuzja is a place that attracts people, such a location is known as a destination place all over the world. What exactly does it mean? A small district with a representative and unique atmosphere. A meeting place held downtown for the residents of Łódź, a great attraction to visit and have a good time for visitors. Both will meet each other in Fuzja, because destination projects attract by definition.

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Urban space

ECHO Fuzja
ECHO Fuzja

Space revitalization concept


Łódź in full bloom


Over the years, Łódź has been reviving, growing and getting more beautiful before our very eyes. Tenement buildings are being renovated, new meeting places, modern office buildings and infrastructure are being developed. Fuzja is a considerable part of this process. Thanks to this project, Łódź does gain not only a few buildings, a new community square or a renovated street. The whole part of the city returns to Łódź, a small district designed on the basis of a coherent concept that respects the city, its unique character and people who lives there. Soon, the residents of Łódź will be walking along the alleys of Fuzja and no one will remember that this place was once walled off.

ECHO Fuzja
ECHO Fuzja

7,7 ha
area of the plot

90 000 sqm
of the area
with different functions

more than 4 ha
of public space
including greenery

FUZJA project

The renowned architectural design studio Medusa Group, which treats the historical urban space of Łódź with a lot of attention and respect for the heritage of the past, is in charge of the design of Fuzja. We want Fuzja to match the existing ‘urban tissue of Łódź’, complement it and creat a friendly part of the city, open to everyone.