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Street food, culinary festivals, novelities on the plate, meetings at the table – going out and eating out is a worldwide trend loved by Łódź. It is time to invite the city to discover what Fuzja tastes like.


An open, 24/7 hub of restaurants and cafés on the space of more than 3,000 sqm, to ensure a great variety of tastes, will be created here. Its stylish design and arrangements will surprise its guests, and provide them with the finest experiences available.


Thanks to a buzzing food court, conducive to social life, catering hall, its breakfast bars, smelling of coffee and buns, ambient bistros and restaurants serving dishes from all the corners of the world, Fuzja will be a real melting pot of tastes, which will cater to every taste and amaze every guest’s palate.

Dinning hall


The first such a place in the city, inspired by Europe’s dinning halls.


Friendly, bustling, colourful, stylishly designed and decorated to surprise and feed its guests with the best experience – it will be in love with street furniture, open to tasty concepts and seasonal events.



The freshest city market


Fuzja will invite local food producers, manufactures and niche brands to fill booths with delicious vegetables, fruits, herbs, cheese, preserves, honey or bread. For people who like to eat healthily, locally and ecologically.

Delicious mornings


A quarter smelling of coffee and fresh bread


Every morning the city will wake up in Fuzja with the best coffee and breakfasts – hurried for those who overslept and unhurried for those who don’t care about time. And as it sometimes takes a bit of sugar to make a coffee, there are many irresistible places for those who have a sweet tooth.

Great lunch breaks


Fuzja will house all kind of food.


There will be eateries for those who want to come over for a quick lunch, as well as restaurants for those who want to make a great impression on their business partners.

Remarkable evenings


Be together and stay late


A short reprieve after a hard-working day or an endless talk with friends? Fuzja will provide plenty of opportunities to meet over dinner, a glass of wine or a delicious cocktail – in charming bars and pubs open until the last guest.

Service space lease

Tomasz Domoń
Tomasz Domoń

Regional Leasing Director

Marcin Szlufik
Marcin Szlufik

Senior Leasing Manager