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Fuzja will be filled with people, meetings, conversations and events, which will remain in memory for a long time. It will be teeming with life at all times: in active mornings, creative afternoons and beautiful evenings.


The restored power plant will become a venue for exhibitions, festivals, theatrical performances and cultural events. There will also be plenty of space for the youngest customers – to study, to play and to develop their creativity. As well as them, it will attract the sporty – a gym and fitness centre will let you care about your fitness, ensuring a broad assortment of motivating activities, adjusted to everyone’s pace.

Art in the spotlight


The spectacular interior of the power plant will attract all those who seek inspiration or wish to share their work with the world.


It will be a place of exhibitions, festivals, performances and cultural events as well as efforts that will attract interesting people to this place.

Talent development


Learning, fun and creativity of our youngest will be settled in Fuzja at one single address.


There will be many places and opportunities for joint activities, workshops, courses, physical activities and pure joy!

Fitness and gym


Fuzja is a holistic blend of different activities that never stops moving.


The quarter will therefore not run out of space for sports, that are important for maintaining a life balance. The gym and the fitness centre will help you to build up a good shape, providing a wide range of motivating activities – at a good pace and for everyone.

Service space lease

Tomasz Domoń
Tomasz Domoń

Regional Leasing Director

Marcin Szlufik
Marcin Szlufik

Senior Leasing Manager