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Łódź is the third-largest city in Poland. The fact that it is located centrally, at the crossroads of the most important trade routes is conducive, to the exchange of goods.  A junction of highways (A1 and A2) and the S8 expressway, located nearby, the city’s own airport and a developed network of railway connections make Łódź accessible from every Polish city – comfortably and on time.

Potential of the city


Łódź is not only one of the most populous Polish cities in the very heart of Europe. It is also a symbol of modernity, dynamics and opportunities, which used to attract new people as early as in 19th century. It is as well a venue of science, art, literature and film. It is, therefore, for a good reason that it is called ‘The Promised Land’. The area of Fuzja is in the very city centre. It is here that history and modernity come together, creating a place which is not only friendly, but also inspiring.

The proximity of service shops, green areas and excellent public transport make it a perfect place for business, a great address of residence or a superb venue to spend time in.

ECHO Fuzja
ECHO Fuzja



Between the streets: Piotrkowska, Tymienieckiego, Kilińskiego and Milionowa, Fuzja is born.

It is becoming a permanent and inseparable part of the city. Simultaneously, it is opening to its surroundings, it is opening to you. Entertainment, culture, fine food, urban greenery, public transport, trade. The life which is offered by the city centre is within your hand’s reach here.


Nearby, you will find places where you can rest, do the shopping, meet acquaintances, see a good film, go walking with your dog and spend time with family. The choice is up to you. Because < JA that means <ME in Polish.


Take a walk around the city


Fuzja will become a new city centre and a meeting place for the residents of Łódź. It is located exactly in the middle of Piotrkowska – the best known Łódź street in Poland. Fuzja is a perfect place to start exploring the city and its landmarks – the former cotton mill complex Księży Młyn, the Museum of Textiles and the Cathedral. All these places can be reached in no more than 10 minutes.


As befits a real city centre, it is also close to railway stations, universities and shopping centres. Don’t think about where to go out with your friends: Fuzja is on your way!

Centrum Tram Station


Łódź Fabryczna
Railway Station

Lodz University
of Technology

Lodz Cathedral

Central Museum
of Textiles